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May 16, 2009

New book ordered

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Fakalofa lahi atu –

I again apologize for not posting for awhile.

I want to inform everyone about a book that I just purchased:
Learning Niuean: Combined Edition buy Aiao Kolima (sp?) from South Pacific Books, ltd. online store.

I haven’t received yet; however, I await its arrival!
I am disappointed, though, because it was priced at NZ$37.00, which is around US$21.00; so, I thought the currency would be exchanged. However, I was charged US$37.00, which disappoints me. Now I don’t have any money left on my gift card to buy Teach Yourself Norwegian, haha. 😉

I will tell you about it as soon as it comes (if it even comes~!)
I hope it is good as it is the only book that I have found for seriously learning Niuean.

Yours truly,


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