Logona Vagahau Totou Tohi Niue

March 6, 2009

Day Two

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Fakaalofa lahi atu – 


It is the second day of my Niue daily studies.

Here are today’s words and grammar points…


1.  Logona – To hear; to sense correctly; to understand

2.  Vagahau – To speak

3.  Totou – To read

4.  Tohi – To write

5.  Niue – Behold the coconut! (also the name of the island itself ;))


Grammar points…

1.  There is one official article: “ko e“, which is used as both the indefinite and definite article (the, a/an). However, an abbreviation of “taha – one”, “ha” is used for the indefinite article (a/an) sometimes..

2.  Proper names take “ko” before them in the nominative case.

3.  With the conjunction, “mo – and”, “ko” is dropped.


See, even with grammar you are learning some vocabulary!

As the amount of vocabulary builds, I plan to try to create some sentences for practice as well!


Koe kia,



P.S. — Can you figure out what the title of my blog means? 😉


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