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June 15, 2009

Short hello

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Hello all —

I know; I know.

I’ve been bad.


But summer’s coming up!

See you all then.

I want to do a thorough review on my new book and I will post it here, Amazon and on my coming-soon review blog!


Koe kia,


May 25, 2009

New book

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Fakaalofa lahi atu –


I haven’t had much time to use my new Learning Niuean: The Combined Edition book lately; however, I really like it and am happy to start up my studies.

It seems to be fairly organized with conversations, vocabulary and grammar points in each lesson. There is a simple, concise pronunciation guide in the beginning with a preface on the language and its history. I like how there are pictures that show the culture of the island as well.


So, I hope that anyone learning Niuean seriously would consider purchasing this book. The only drawback is that I was charged US$37 dollars, when the price was NZ$37, which is about US$21. However, it was worth it.


Talk to you soon!

Koe kia,


May 16, 2009

New book ordered

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Fakalofa lahi atu –

I again apologize for not posting for awhile.

I want to inform everyone about a book that I just purchased:
Learning Niuean: Combined Edition buy Aiao Kolima (sp?) from South Pacific Books, ltd. online store.

I haven’t received yet; however, I await its arrival!
I am disappointed, though, because it was priced at NZ$37.00, which is around US$21.00; so, I thought the currency would be exchanged. However, I was charged US$37.00, which disappoints me. Now I don’t have any money left on my gift card to buy Teach Yourself Norwegian, haha. 😉

I will tell you about it as soon as it comes (if it even comes~!)
I hope it is good as it is the only book that I have found for seriously learning Niuean.

Yours truly,

April 2, 2009

Day Eight

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Fakalofa lahi atu –

Here is Day Eight for learning Niuean words.
I want to note that I’ll be traveling until next Friday, and therefore won’t be able to post. I apologize; enjoy your Spring holiday!

For greeting people…

Fakaalofa atu Hello / Hi there / Greetings
Fakaalofa lahi atu ki a koe Greetings to you (one person)
Fakaalofa lahi atu ki a mua Hello / Greetings to you both (two persons)
Fakaalofa lahi atu ki a mutolu oti Greetings to you all (three or more persons)
Fakaalofa hofihofi atu Precious greetings to you
Fakaalofa age ki a lautolu Greetings to them


March 29, 2009

Day Seven

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Fakalofa lahi atu –


Here are today’s words…about the kitchen!

Thank you, ‘Vagahau Niue’ website.

Kitchen items
titipi knife
kapiniu inu cup
sipunu spoon
kalase glass
kapiniu lapalapa plate
sitou stove
puha tu toka kai / sefe cupboard
filisa fridge


March 27, 2009

Day Six

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Fakalofa lahi atu –


Wow, 13 days since my last post. I truly apologize for not keeping up with this blog.


Today’s words are concerning location.

luga top, above hanei here
lalo bottom, under, below hana there
loto inside uta east side
fafo outside tua back, far side
vaha loto between, middle  …Enjoy! 

March 14, 2009

Day Five

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Fakaalofa lahi atu –


I apologize for not adding new words to this site lately.

I plan to soon form some sentences and make some reviews on resources!


Here are today’s words…

ulu head
mata face
tau pūmata eyes
teliga ear
ihu nose
gutu mouth 




March 9, 2009

Day Four

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Fakaalofa lahi atu –


Day four! Here are the numbers to study for today.

Nakai / 0 Nil / Zero 0
Taha One 1
Ua Two 2
Tolu Three 3
Fa Four 4
Lima Five 5
Ono Six 6
Fitu Seven 7
Valu Eight 8
Hiva Nine 9
Hogofulu Ten 10




March 8, 2009

Day Three

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Fakaalofa lahi atu –


I apologize for not writing yesterday. These words will be for Day Three. I have included seven words, as these tend to be grouped together as “interrogative” words, and should be included in one ‘lesson’.


1.  Tau huhu = questions

2.  Ko hai = who

3.  Ko e heigoa = what

4.  Ko fe = where

5.  A fe = when

6.  Ko e ha = why

7.  Ha e fe = which


Grammatical points…

1.  Gender is expressed by the addition of “tane” for male and “fifine” for female.

2.  The plural is indicated by a word prefixed to a noun — either “na” or “tau“. The former indicates two or a small number, while the latter indicated unlimited plural.




March 6, 2009

Day Two

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Fakaalofa lahi atu – 


It is the second day of my Niue daily studies.

Here are today’s words and grammar points…


1.  Logona – To hear; to sense correctly; to understand

2.  Vagahau – To speak

3.  Totou – To read

4.  Tohi – To write

5.  Niue – Behold the coconut! (also the name of the island itself ;))


Grammar points…

1.  There is one official article: “ko e“, which is used as both the indefinite and definite article (the, a/an). However, an abbreviation of “taha – one”, “ha” is used for the indefinite article (a/an) sometimes..

2.  Proper names take “ko” before them in the nominative case.

3.  With the conjunction, “mo – and”, “ko” is dropped.


See, even with grammar you are learning some vocabulary!

As the amount of vocabulary builds, I plan to try to create some sentences for practice as well!


Koe kia,



P.S. — Can you figure out what the title of my blog means? 😉

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